Keepers of Creation is an immersive single-player exploration-survival experience set in the ancient and mysterious forests of Appalachia.

The crackling fire warms you as shadows dance across the cavern walls. Outside, lightning flashes across the night sky.

The rain forced you to shelter, but has also covered your trail. Exhausted, you tend to your wounds.

As you peer out into the darkness, the light from the fire catches for a brief moment on two shimmering eyes. Something stirs, deeper in the cave.

You leap to your feet, hand already reaching for your blade.

Breathing behind you. Not alone.

Alone in the woods, players can explore the old-growth rocky pine forests, jagged shale barrens, and lush cove forests. They'll be challenged to discover the survival strategies of the Indigenous peoples that lived here. Could you survive in a land with a mind of its own?

Designed with a meticulous attention to detail, complex simulations of human, animal, and natural dynamics and physics are woven together into a rich and layered environment. Immerse yourself in a beautiful and fascinating world that breathes with life.

Make your own story as you survive among dozens of animal species and hundreds of flora — plants, fruit, and mushrooms.

Players seeking a relaxing experience can peacefully wander, swim, or paddle through the mesmerizing soundscape and beautiful geography of the land.

Ambitious players will track animals by footprint and trail signs, forage for wild fruit, crops, and mushrooms, and craft everything they need to survive from the land's abundant resources.

Those looking for a challenge can venture into dark forests, endless caverns, and other territories better left to the predators of the land — bears, cougars, wolves, and others.

Keepers of Creation will be coming to Early Access on Steam in 2022!

Keepers of Creation will be offered at no cost to members of the Indigenous nations represented in the game.

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