Our Team

Janice Crowe

Janice was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, but spent her summers building bonfires, swimming, and turning wild berries into jam with her sisters at her parents' cabin just 40 miles west of the Allegheny National Forest. Those barefoot summers instilled a lifelong respect for Pennsylvania's incredible forests and a sense of personal responsibility to reduce her impact on the diverse wildlife that calls them home. She loves discovering new ways to renew and deepen this appreciation including hiking, biking, camping, and, most recently, trying desperately to bribe vegetables to grow in her tiny urban backyard.

Christopher Schubert

Chris Schubert

Chris was born near Niagara Falls, New York and grew up along the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He's thankful for his parents, Christine and Mark, and inspired by his siblings, Erin and Taylor. He loves learning about and exploring just about everything in nature — especially trees, rocks, water, animals, mushrooms, bacteria, moss - and most recently, slugs! He tries his hardest, does his best, and hopes to leave the world a better place than he found it. He's also more of a goofball than this bio suggests.